The Best Foundation Review Yet

The foundation I will tell you guys about today is the L’Oreal true match foundation. This is the first foundation that has had many pros to it. First, this blends in with my skin flawlessly. If you are a medium skin tone like myself, you don’t have to worry about it not blending in; it matches directly to your skin tone with ease. Second, it is inexpensive. Third, I didn’t get as much oil spots on my face as I would with others; this product is perfect for those with oily skin. Another plus with this product also is that it works like a high-end foundation. Overall, this product is my #1 favorite for the face category. 

Comment down below if you have tried this product before or products similar to this. Have a good day and enjoy yourselves šŸ˜Š. 
This is the foundation on my face. Blends in nicely right? 

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