Dîne en Blanc (Dinner in White) Outfit

I was recently asked a question by someone who invited me to the Dîne en Blanc, or dinner in white, party. Knowing that I love going to different events, I accepted the invitation to go. This then led to the following question: what would you and your date wear? It was not that difficult to think about it in terms of color, but I had to think a little on what my attire would be if my date and I were to go. I went through my closet just to find the perfect outfit for any formal event. After trying different pieces together, I finally had two pieces that would be perfect for this event.

In the images above, I decided to go for a soft, girly touch with a mature feel to it. In this look I have on a lace crop top and a tulle skirt along with a statement piece, a glittery clutch, and a pair of glittery shoes. Glittery in all the right places eh? In the next images you will see the makeup look to tie the entire look together. 
Below I give you a close up on my nail design, clutch, and adorable ring. 
Photographer for all photos of me: Michelle S
As for my date, I would go on The Black Tux website where they have tons of tuxedos to choose from. Knowing that this is an event that includes the color white, I decided that I would choose this tuxedo suit not only to fit the color scheme but also to look very handsome within the color scheme. 
These are the pairings that would tie together for this special event. Comment below what pieces you would put together for you and your date. Also, if you try this look take a pic and tag me on all of my social media outlets. Have a wonderful day. 

P.S. If you have any questions in terms of the site, leave them in the comments below.

*This post was sponsored by The Black Tux. Credit for photos of tuxedo go towards the original owner. All opinions are my own


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