How I Wear My Rompers Part 2

Hey, I’m back with part 2 on how I wear my rompers. These are rompers that you can definitely dress up or wear on a casual day. 
The first few set of pictures above are my most recent. I just wore this outfit yesterday with my sandals from Forever 21 and my leather backpack. Usually when I wear this outfit, I would wear my flatform sandals. 
This pink romper can be easily dressed up by the pleats at the shorts so that it acts more so like a dress. I wear this with my really long kimono to cover my backside and for the cooler days. Alongside my kimono, I wear this with by turquoise crossbody which I easily turned into a little purse by simply tucking in the strap. Isn’t this cute šŸ˜ƒ. For the shoes, I decided to go with a sparkly wedge to make it more dressy. As for me wearing this casually, I pair this romper with my sandals, take the strap out of the crossbody, and choose not to wear the kimono depending on the weather. 
That is all for how I wear my rompers. Comment below if you have at least one romper and how you wear it. Besos šŸ˜˜šŸ’—

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