Lancôme Makeup Review

This is yet another post on another review. This time, I will be doing a review on two products I’ve used by Lancôme.

First, I would like to give a brief review on the Lancôme lip gloss in the color Sunset. It is a very pretty orange color with some shimmer included. In the picture above, I paired this gloss with the Milani lipstick in the color Bahama Beige. In the next image, I will show you how the color looks by itself and how it looks when paired with a similar color in both lipstick and lip liner. 

This is Sunset by itself. You see the glitter for the most part, but not the exact color that is in the package. 

In this image, I paired Sunset with the Flirt Cosmetics Chickstick in Energy. This combination fits well with each other to show the color and the glitter. 

This combination is both Sunset and e.l.f. long wear lip liner in the color Bark. This is one of my favorite combinations of all time. 

Overall, I love this lip gloss in terms of color, sheen, and quality. You can purchase this color at Macy’s or eBay. Comment below if you have tried this gloss and any other products by Lancôme. 
Part 2 of this review will be coming your way. 

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