L’oreal Paris Pro-Matte Foundation Review

It took me a while to find the perfect foundation. Not only was it to match my exact skin complexion; it was also to find something that would mask my oily skin. By that I mean so there is no oils spewing outside of my foundation throughout the day. After two years of searching, I found the one. This review is on the L’oreal Paris Pro-Matte Foundation. 
This product has full coverage for 24 hours. I first purchased this last winter in the exact color as my L’oreal Paris True Match in Caramel Beige. After application, I noticed that it was too light for my skin. My sister and I began to do research on which shade would fit us best. After doing so, I found out that I needed to purchase this foundation two shades darker. This time around, I purchased this in the color Creme Cafe. After application, I noticed that this matched my skin exact. 
This was indeed perfect for oily skin to mask most of the oil. Another trick to masking majority of the oil that spews outside of foundation is to heavily “bake” certain areas on your face. In this case, bake means to add setting powder onto the places where you are most oily. Another way to mask oils from coming outside your foundation is to add the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Powder. I do this as part of my foundation routine and it works out perfect to have flawless skin for the day. 
I would rate this product a 5/5 and recommend this for all of you to try. I purchased mines at Walmart, but you can purchased yours at your local drugstore. Comment below if you have purchased this product before and your opinion. Also, comment below products you use as part of your foundation routine. 

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