Makeup Remover Wipes Review

I am more than excited to give you this review on makeup remover wipes. The reason for my excitement includes not only the quality, but also how inexpensive this product is. I will go into further detail in the next section.

This makeup remover wipes by Pure Gentle cost me less than a dollar with many benefits. It is also oil-free, perfect for those with oily skin so that there is no oil that sticks to your face. There is also green tea, cucumber, and aloe vera extracts. Aloe helps to condition the skin to make it stay moist. Cucumber helps to soften the skin. Green tea helps to minimize acne and tone your skin. 
When opening the package, the wipes are very moist to prevent your face from becoming irritated when removing makeup. For the price, I was very surprised and pleased altogether 😃. When I first tried it, it took off majority of my makeup; only my mascara stayed on which is reasonable, knowing that makeup remover wipes does not remove everything. The wipes also conditions and softens your skin. 
You can purchase this at your local Walmart store. Comment below if you use makeup remover wipes and/or anything else you have used to remove makeup. 

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