How I #ChooseToSmooth

In this post, I will become more in-depth on how well these products are in terms of quality.

I decided to try both the razor and the shaving creams by Venus. I will first talk about the razor, followed by the shaving cream.

The razor by Venus is very cool. The razor does indeed curve with every contour there is. When I was shaving both my legs and armpits, it curved with the contours of both. What helps to glide the razors are the aloe-covered guards. The guards help to not get cut, but I end up cutting myself. 
As for the shaving cream by Olay, I thought it was cool how when I squeeze the dispenser there’s this purple liquid that comes out. Once applied to desired area (i.e., legs) it automatically foams. For the scent, it smells good when in the container…but there is no scent once applied to skin. However, it did leave my skin feeling smooth. If you would like to see my ratings for these products, click here to see more. Have a fantastic day and #choosetosmooth 
*I received these free products for testing purposes.

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