My Henna Tattoo Journey

This is one of my most exciting blog posts yet! It is about henna tattoos.

The last time I had a henna tattoo was in my senior year. I did it on the palm at the time due to not having any ideas for what I wanted my design to be. This time was different; I went to this henna event with my sister and niece. The henna tattoo artist talks about the history behind henna tattoos along with the ingredients and the meaning behind each design. We all had different designs from flowers to butterflies to an arm band. She also added glitter to the designs. This was completely optional.
The henna tattoo artist gave us instructions on how long to keep the paste on along with how to care for our henna tattoos. We kept the paste on for 8 hours so the design could last for up to 6 weeks. 
The paste fell off the design after 8 hours of waiting patiently to see the design unfold. This is how the tattoo looks the next day. 
I will keep you guys posted each week on how my henna tattoo holds up. For now, if you have any questions in regards of my henna tattoo experience, comment below.  

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