OOTD on 4-25-2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my OOTD collage via Polyvore, but I’ve decided to change that a bit by actually posting a picture of yours truly wearing the actual outfit.

When I did my blog survey, a lot of you suggest that I take pictures of my outfits instead of creating a collage and then posted it on here. 
With this outfit, I’ve decided to go boho (I’ve been loving the boho fashion lately 🙂) with my hat and shearling jacket. I love this jacket so much… I would want to wear it everyday but I must coordinate my outerwear with my outfits 😄. I also decided to wear a peasant shirt under my jacket and cutout booties so that I can achieve the look.
To top it off, I also added some boho-ish jewelry with the layering of the necklaces, wearing a lot of rings, and wearing my faux septum piercing. 
To see my blog post on my nails, click here
I might not be consistent with posting my outfits on a regular basis, but I will try to post my outfits as much as I can. 
What I Wore*:
*for jewelry, you can wear anything similar to what I have
Note: The places in which I get different items from are not accurate. These items are close to what I was wearing in this picture. 
If you tried this outfit (or something similar) to what I wore, make sure to post a picture and tag me on my social media outlets (over here 👉🏾) so I can see. Have a lovely day. 
P.S. More content coming soon. 

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