The Theme Word for New Years

One day my sister, mother, and I were having an in-depth conversation on what our resolutions and goals were for the upcoming year. My sister came up with this theme word that we all should follow through with; that word was:appreciation.

When she first told us, my nephews, and niece about this word, it stood out to me a lot. She said that we should appreciate what we have. That reason being not a lot of people are fortunate to have the life a lot of us have. There are people that go through more than what we face on a regular basis. 
This lecture from my lovely sister helped me with what I should start appreciating. That includes the amount of subscribers I have, the amount of followers on each social media platform, views on my videos, and always having my family there to support me. In the case of other people, that includes what one has (I.e., food, house, gadgets,etc.) and what they want in order to please and fulfill their happiness.  
Another part of this lecture with regards to the theme word is appreciating what you have once it’s gone. There are people in today’s society that do not appreciate what they have until it’s gone. Once they receive their fortunes back, they begin to realize what they were missing out on when they no longer have it. 
For the 2016 year, I vow to appreciate all that I have and not think of what I wish I had. I hope you all enjoy your 2016 year and appreciate all the positive aspects that are in your lives. 
If you haven’t already, check out my sister and I in the sister tag here 👉🏾:

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