Ways to Overcome Frustration and Stress

This year, I plan on working to overcome my frustration and stress (knowing that school is here with plenty of workload). Here are the three main steps to help you through frustration and stress.

1. Meditate: Meditation is the #1 way of relieving stress. All you have to do is find a quiet place and have soft music. With the combination of both, you will be able to focus on relieving stress through the flow of music, blocking all outside noise that hinders you from your main focus. 
2.Quoting: by this I mean to say something to overcome the frustration. When frustration occurs, you should close your eyes and say a quote to calm you down, or you can say a prayer (which is optional). 

3. Exercise (optional): this helps to relieve any stress you have in a certain part of your body for the day. I know for me, I do night exercises due to not being able to fit it into my workload during the day.

I’ve done these three steps and they have helped me a lot. I know that this will help you too. 

So the next time you ever feel stressed and/or frustrated, meditate and say something that will help to calm your nerves. When in doubt, pray and meditate 😊. 

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