Makeup Remover Wipes Review 2 

This is yet another review on another product. My previous makeup remover wipes review talked about how effective it was to removing some meakeup. I thought that was the only makeup remover wipes that would do it for me until I came across this other product that my mother purchased for me. I am going to discuss this product more in the next section. 

This makeup remover wipes is Epielle™ Aloe Vera Clensing Tissues. These wipes are very soft and moist. When removing makeup, it cleans down to the pore removing all makeup (including mascara). Not only does this remove makeup; this product refreshes your skin, making it feel soft and moist in the right way. The primary reason for this product being as effective surfaces around the ingredients. Ingredients  include aloe vera which helps to soothe skin and moisturize your face. The second ingredient is Vitamin E in which has one benefit: to moisturize skin. The third and never forgotten ingredient is green tea extracts that improves skin tone and fights aging. 

Compared to the previous makeup remover wipes, I would give this one 5 stars due to not leaving your skin feel dry and having the wipes irritate your skin during makeup removal.   Comment below any other makeup remover wipes or other makeup remover products that you use. Besos 😘💗


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