Outfit of the Day: December 19, 2016 

It has been a while since I have posted a picture of my outfit for the day. I decided on this day, why not snap a pic of my outfit and my makeup. I wore this outfit when I was running errands with my mother and sister. If this were school, I would rock this outfit the same way.

Because I did my makeup the way I did, I figured why not just dress up. Under the jacket is a sweater and a dark blue skinny jeans (I figured because I was wearing a outerwear over the sweater that no one would pay attention, so I pulled on whatever sweater pleased me at the moment). As for the other items, I decided to wear both my long over the knee suede boots and a coat that meets the boots. To top off my entire outfit, I decided to wear my floppy hat and carry my top-handle tote. I almost forgot one more thing, never want to forget the gloves to match the purse. 

Outfit Details

Coat: H&M

Floppy Hat: JCPenney 

Boots: Rainbow Shops

Bag: BCBG Paris 

Gloves: Lauren by Ralph Lauren

*Note that if you plan on buying any pieces, some places may be sold out or the specified items may have discontinued. 

Comment below if you would like to see more outfits for this season. Besos 😘💗


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