The Best Combination for Oily Skin 2 

My previous post in coordination to this post focused on the perfect combination for those who have oily skin. As of a couple weeks ago, I have found yet another perfect combination for oily skin. I am going to list the products I used along with the links where I purchased each product. 

The combination to combat get oily skin is: 

  • L’Oréal Paris Pro-Matte Foundation: This product helps to make your entire face look even. Plus with the right primer, you can combat oily skin in an instant. 
  • Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer: I have had this primer for over a year ( my sister first bought it for me, then I went on to purchase it due to its effectiveness). This product evens your skin and mattifies your face in some areas. 
  • Maybelline Fit Me Set and Smooth Powder: Since transitioning to this powder, it does not make my skin tone look off with makeup; this matches my exact skin tone. This is the perfect skin finish for foundation and to wear by itself. 

Attached to this post I have a review on the foundation above so you can read through that post on its effectiveness. Comment below if you have used any of these products and/or ways that you combat oily skin through your makeup. Besos 😘💗

*Note that this blog post compared to this previous post may not be the same format. All opinions on each product are my own. 


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