The Surprise You’ve Been Waiting For 

Remember a couple of months ago when I told you that I was in the middle of a project with my sister? Well, I’m here to tell you that we are finished with getting everything together for you to see. Our project focuses on the interests of my sister and the nail designs that I post on here. With that being said, I am happy to introduce to you what we’ve been working on. Together, we created a blog titled Nails By Michiboo. On this blog, my sister will be posting nail designs in which she does on my nails alongside the nails of my niece and my mom. 

I know all of you want to know what will happen to this blog regarding nails. As of today, I will no longer be posting my nail designs. I will defer that task to my sister for her to display on her blog. However, I will keep the blog posts I have of my nails on here and will still post pictures of my nails on my Instagram page. For now, my blog will mainly be on both makeup and fashion content alongside product reviews. 

Make sure to check her out and show some love. Besos 😘💗


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