Makeup of the Day: February 16, 2017 

It’s been some time since I have posted a picture (or have been on social media at all). This is one of my first makeup looks in a while. This look includes a soft neutral eyeshadow paired with a brown lip color. Below are products used for both eyes and lips. 

Eyes: Absolute Perfect Five Colors Eyeshadow  Palette in Glam (I used the darkest metalic brown in the palette alongside a brown eyeshadow as my crease color; SEPHORA Colorful Eyeliner in Black Lace 

Lips: New York Color Lip Pencil in 955A and Brown Lipstick (sorry, no brand here) 

That is one of many looks I have for you. There is more coming your way. Besos 😘💗

P.S. I would like to thank everyone who joined me in the chat. There is more coming up with what I discussed on there. 


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