Liquid Lipstick Try-On

Recently my interest grew with wanting products from Sephora. Preferably, I started to grow interest in wanting to try more products by Sephora. Not too long ago, I purchased their liquid liner  going off of my sister’s intake on how well their liners are. This post is not about that; this post is about their liquid lipsticks (or cream lip stains I should say). 

I purchased the color Burnt Sienna as my first testing color. When applying this onto my lips, it goes on very smoothly and does not leave a sticky residue after application. Another positive benefit from this is the long-lasting effect. It will stay on your lips for a pretty long time. The trick is to not eat anything that consists of oils should some of it transfer. Besides that, the color does not transfer at all. 

Because the quality was great, I went back and bought two more lip stains. This time in the shades Frozen Strawberry and Pink Frosting. I originally wanted to get Vintage Rosewood and Wisteria Purple, but both were similar to colors I already have in my makeup collection.  Below are the swatches of each color on myself. 

This is Pink Frosting
This is Frozen Strawberry

To see the colors I got more clearly, I also did hand swatches. 

I really love their liquid lipsticks. They are highly inexpensive compared to leading brands. You can purchase this at a Sephora store nearby or online

Comment below lip colors you would like to try and/or have in your collection with your input. Also, comment other products by Sephora that are amazing for me to try. Besos 😘💗

In this picture, I’m wearing Pink Frosting on my lips

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