Different Eye Looks from the Nicka K Perfect 9 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

This was the second palette purchased by my sister. This palette has nine bright but subtle colors that you can wear out. Below are three looks that I have accomplished using this palette. For each eye look, I tried the halo eye look technique that is popular at the moment. 

The first set of colors I tried from this palette were this 24 Karat gold and metallic orange. When I first applied this, it was very bright so I had to go in and blend until it was smooth. To have my eye makeup be more on the subtle side, I wore winged liner. This color combination is gorgeous altogether, helping me to anticipate on summer. 

This second eye look features the colors I am most familiar with. The colors belong in the golds family with me wearing both a lighter shade of copper and a darker shade of copper, or metallic brown as I would like to call it. This combination gave my eyes a more subtle look I did not need to blend it too much or wear winged liner. 

This is the same eye look but you get to see it better with my eyes closed. This look can be worn as part of an everyday makeup routine. 

My third eye look featured a metallic reddish color with a shiny nude color in the middle of my lids. This was one of my favored looks yet. 

Overall, I really love this palette. I would give this five stars due to pigmentation and quality. You can gladly purchase this product at your local beauty supply store. 


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