My Choker Collection 

Chokers have been the in-trend since last year. I know plenty of people who have at least one choker in their collection to add to their outfit. Today, I will reveal to you the chokers I have. 

I just purchased this holographic choker from Forever 21 recently. It is dainty for my neck and pretty altogether. Simplicity is everything. 

I have this lace choker with the lip Pendant on it. I love how this choker has a grudge but girly twist. 

My reason for loving this choker is because of the diamonds, but I dislike how big it is around my neck. Besides the size, I will still rock it like no other. 

This was my very first choker I bought with the flower pendant. I used to wear this a lot and I had to stop myself so I could wear all the other chokers and other necklaces I have. 

This all-diamond choker is my ultimate favorite. Reason being it fits well for my neck and I can put this with outfits to give it a glam look. This comes with another necklace tie which will appear later. 

This came as a set. I can wear this together or separate. These kinds of chokers are the new it-style to wear with almost any outfit. 

I love the sophisticated feel of this choker,  but the diamonds do not lay on my neck how I want it to. It’s still a nice choker that I can wear (maybe I overthink these chokers with regards to size, but they’re still cute). 

This choker looks like it comes in a set but it doesn’t. It’s all one piece with a choker part to my neck and a dangling necklace piece attached. My favorite feature on this Coker are the silver accents. It pulls the entire choker together. Perfect to wear with a simple camisole during the nice weather. 

This was yet another tattoo choker that I have. In this picture it looks like purple, but in person it’s a cobalt blue. 

This choker came with this other diamond piece I was telling you about earlier. I love, love, love the tassels at the very end to dress it up a bit. I am wear this with almost anything and get away with it. 

I have the same choker similar to the one above except in the color black with gold bars off to the end. 

I have this corset choker that my sister purchased for me a couple of months ago. I love the style, but it takes a lot of work and patience lace this up. Overall, it ps well worth it, look at how hot this is. 

Those are the chokers I have in my collection. The fun thing is, my niece and I have almost the same chokers and so does my sister. Comment below your favorite choker from myself and the kinds of chokers in your collection. 


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