My Inspiration to Fashion 

I know for the three years of me blogging you all are thinking to yourselves who has inspired this girl to do what she does on here? You will know today in this blog post. My inspiration for this post came about one day when I needed an input on an outfit for internship. I sat at my desk and thought to myself “this person has done a lot for me with all I needed to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

That one person in which I will talk about today is my sister. She is my main inspiration to fashion and how I express myself till this day. I would start off by saying that she has inspired me since I was in diapers, but that would be nonsense. Technically, she inspired me in elementary school. Every weekend we would play dress up as she puts makeup on my face. When going shopping, my sister (and mom) would pick out the cutest clothes for me to wear going back to school. My inspiration has just begun…but not just yet.

My inspiration for fashion has escalated by plenty, starting in middle school. My brother and sister would go to places such as H&M and Marshalls to find cute fashion pieces and heels for me to wear. Not only did I take it up a notch (or so I thought) with my fashion; I also decided to delve into makeup…learning from my sister of course.

There was a time when I did not feel comfortable to wear all that I wanted to because I made others (i.e., bullies) influence me on my appearance. Thanks to her (and other family members), I began to gain motivation to wear what I want, how I want, when I want.

Because this motivation has helped me, I decided to take it up a notch with my fashion and makeup little-by-little between middle and high school. With regards to motivation outside of fashion within my secondary goals, my sister has influenced me through it all. When I told her about making a YouTube channel and a blog for my expression in fashion, she was right on board. Starting on June 6 of 2014, I began to express myself through my interests with makeup and fashion.

If it weren’t for my sister, I would not be writing blog posts on fashion looks, makeup looks, and product reviews. Through her, I became strong with my passion for the content I put on here. Even though I’m not a tween anymore, I still go to her for advice on outfits and makeup to get a second opinion.

Overall, I wanted to share this post as an appreciation note to my sister. Also, I hope to influence others who need motivation to feel comfortable within their own skin and not let anyone get in their heads negatively.  In other words, have the right people influence you so you can be comfortable in your own skin.


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