Changes Made to the Blog 

Hey peeps. If you haven’t noticed already…I changed my blog look! I wanted something that was sophisticated with a hint of girliness included. I will not say that this is permanent; this is temporary for now but I have a few other updates and events coming your way. 

The first event I wanted to touch base on was the live chat for Instagram and Facebook. I had originally planned to do this during spring break,  it my internship came in hand. I cancelled it due to priority purposes. However, I do plan on having these live chats in June. The date for this is still pending (and might change depending on what I have scheduled for that day).

The second event I wanted to talk about (or tell you) is I will make more blog posts soon. Right now, I’m cooking up some ideas as of what I can make my blog posts about so I can share them with you all. I am open to blog post requests that you would like to see. 

To get the updates on me, make sure to follow me on my social media outlets. Thank you very much for reading this.                                                                                                                    

How I Wear Blush-Colored Clothing 

Blush is another trend peaking through during this season. I had a lot of fun during this photoshoot not only because I was modeling in my favorite color, but also because of the nice weather and I had time to fit these outfits in with my busy schedule lately. I will not get to that, below are pictures of spring fashion with this lovely color for spring. 

My first blush-colored item is my embroided bomber jacket. This jacket has two awesome trends tied in one that everyone is wearing. I decided to pair this with my dark blue skinny jeans, my high- top converse sneakers and my holographic Choker. The best part about this jacket too is that my niece has the exact one! She styles her differently but she is rocking for the season. 

My second blush-colored clothing includes this jacket by Hello Kitty from Macy’s. This jacket has a mature spin to it with the trademark symbol on one side so that its not to kiddish. With this jacket I paired this with my black cami, a pair of black skinny jeans and these oh-so-cute shooties I purchased from Target a couple of years ago. You can wear this outfit to work or to have a girls day out. 

This is another outfit that takes more of the professional approach than casual. I am wearing this blush-colored button down shirt that I purchased from Forever 21 with a pair of skinny trousers and a pair of nude pumps. You can wear this shirt differently so that its more casual. In other words, this shirt is versatile. 

I have yet another button down shirt that is part of my blush-colored clothing. I decided to wear this casually with a pair of skinny jeans and my sparkly flats that I just purchased.  This outfit fits with running errands on a casual Friday. 

Those are my blush-colored clothing and how I would wear each clothing item. Comment below your favorite outfit and any blush-colored items you have as part of your wardrobe. 

How I Wear Florals 

Spring has arrived and it is time to dress for the new season. Florals is one of the trends for spring. For this blog post, I decided to show you some outfits I will be rocking this spring. 

My first floral buy was this floral bomber jacket from Rainbows. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it. With this bomber, you can pair it with anything. In my case, I decided to pair it with white skinny jeans and low top converse sneakers. This is a casual outfit that I could wear to run errands or hang out with family and friends. 

This floral dress by Forever 21 was another buy. I love the tie front detailing in the front where you can be revealing but not too much. I also love the bell sleeves also; this gives off a boho and festive feel. To keep this outfit subtle, I paired this with my favorite Chelsea boots. 

My third floral Outfit is this chiffon shirt. I decided to pair this with dark blue skinny jeans, a pair of Indian flats, a sky blue crossbody and some bangles so this outfit can be casual and chic. Sometimes, I pair this outfit with a long-sleeve cardigan when there is a little chill in the air. 

My fourth ouutfur with florals include this hi-low skirt I got from Kohl’s a few years ago. I decided to keep, it simple with a white chiffon tank top and a necklace. For the shoes, I decided to wear this black blocked heel shoe with laces. Knowing that this was yet another trend, I paired this with my outfit so everything can flow. 

My final outfit with florals include this pair of skinny jeans from JCPenney. To dress this up, I paired it with my white button-down shirt and  brown blocked heels. To top it off, I decided to add a statement piece so my outfit can be fabulous. 
These are the outfits you will see me rock during the spring time. Comment below your favorite outfit and if you have any florals in your wardrobe. Besos 😘💗

P.S. Photo credit to my mom and niece. Thank you. 

Outfit of the Day: February 20, 2017 

I have not done a outfit of the day in forever. This day was the day where I really loved the number (plus it was really nice out) and decided to take pictures after running errands with my mother. The theme of this look is more on the western side than eastern (sadly it’s still winter over here…and I’m ready for the warm weather to come). This includes my floppy hat, ankle boots, and my necklace. Below are the details of where I got each item from. 

Floppy Hat-JCPenney

Denim Shirt- JCPenney (Mango) 

Skinny Jeggings- Macy’s (Celebrity Pink Jeans) 

Chelsea Ankle Boots- Marshalls (Madden Girl) 

Fringe Backpack- Marshalls 

Choker- Burlington (this was part of a choker set) 

If you were on Instagram Live with me, you would notice that I wore this same outfit with the exact makeup look. Click on this link to see my makeup look. Besos 😘💗. 


Find Me On Facebook

Last week I hosted a Instagram Live Chat with my followers. One thing that was mentioned was me having a Facebook page. The topic was introduced almost a month ago from a follower on We Heart It. They requested for me to have a Facebook page, but I was not sure if I wanted to follow through with the request. I reconsidered this last week and a lot of you said yes to this idea (alongside the helpful advice given).

Because of the request, I decided to create a Facebook page. You can go on there and like the page to see my content and other posts on there. You can also go on there and message me with any suggestions regarding my content along with any inquiries. To see what I have on there by far, you can click on this link to explore. If the link does not work, type within your search bar SoNice TayEmany- Fashion Blogger.

I have more projects coming your way so stay tuned. Besos

Instagram Live Chat 

Yes! I’m having my live chat on Instagram tomorrow. On the chat I’m going to open up a few ideas to mind and you get to help me make the decision on my future blogging. Make sure you come ready for this chat. More information on this below. 

‪Follow me on Instagram @SoNiceTayEmany to get in for the chat tomorrow 😊🎉‬. See ya 😜! Besos 😘💗