Changes Made to the Blog 

Hey peeps. If you haven’t noticed already…I changed my blog look! I wanted something that was sophisticated with a hint of girliness included. I will not say that this is permanent; this is temporary for now but I have a few other updates and events coming your way. 

The first event I wanted to touch base on was the live chat for Instagram and Facebook. I had originally planned to do this during spring break,  it my internship came in hand. I cancelled it due to priority purposes. However, I do plan on having these live chats in June. The date for this is still pending (and might change depending on what I have scheduled for that day).

The second event I wanted to talk about (or tell you) is I will make more blog posts soon. Right now, I’m cooking up some ideas as of what I can make my blog posts about so I can share them with you all. I am open to blog post requests that you would like to see. 

To get the updates on me, make sure to follow me on my social media outlets. Thank you very much for reading this.                                                                                                                    

Different Eye Looks from the Nicka K Perfect 9 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

This was the second palette purchased by my sister. This palette has nine bright but subtle colors that you can wear out. Below are three looks that I have accomplished using this palette. For each eye look, I tried the halo eye look technique that is popular at the moment. 

The first set of colors I tried from this palette were this 24 Karat gold and metallic orange. When I first applied this, it was very bright so I had to go in and blend until it was smooth. To have my eye makeup be more on the subtle side, I wore winged liner. This color combination is gorgeous altogether, helping me to anticipate on summer. 

This second eye look features the colors I am most familiar with. The colors belong in the golds family with me wearing both a lighter shade of copper and a darker shade of copper, or metallic brown as I would like to call it. This combination gave my eyes a more subtle look I did not need to blend it too much or wear winged liner. 

This is the same eye look but you get to see it better with my eyes closed. This look can be worn as part of an everyday makeup routine. 

My third eye look featured a metallic reddish color with a shiny nude color in the middle of my lids. This was one of my favored looks yet. 

Overall, I really love this palette. I would give this five stars due to pigmentation and quality. You can gladly purchase this product at your local beauty supply store. 

Ivy VoxBox Review 

Having to balance my internship and content planning has been a toll, and then a VoxBox comes for me to not only test and tell you about but also to keep me relaxed and help me to anticipate on the warm weather to come. Below are products I’ve tested with my opinion and ratings. 

7th Heaven Foot Soak & Lotion: This product will have your feet smooth in two steps. The foot soak helps to get rid of unwanted skin on your feet. The foot lotion helps to soothe your feet after an amazing soak. I love how there are two products in one to have feet ready for the summer. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gillette Venus® Swirl: This was the second razor I have received from Influenster to try. Unlike other razors, this one curves to your body as you shave. Perfect for hard to reach places. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Facial Cleansing Bar Soap: I like how this soap makes your skin feel soft. This product helps not only to leave you with skin feeling soft but also to fight acne. Originally, this bar of soap is for your face but I decided to try it on my body instead. If my skin feels soft, then your face will feel soft as well. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ChapStick Duo: This was one of the best products made by ChapStick. One of my favorite features about this product is the formula. When applying this to my lips, it’s very smooth and it smells really good. I have the strawberry kiwi flavor and the scent helps for me to start my day on the right foot. Another cool feature is you can put your ChapStick duos together to switch between the two. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers: I’m a sucker for gummy bears (or sweets overall per se); I was very excited to try this amazing treat. It’s sour but then it gets back sweet. I love how this treat is not too sour to where I could not eat it. If you’re someone who likes sour candy but gets sweet really quick, then this snack is for you. Grab it at your store today. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Overall, all of these products are amazing. Definitely check out these products at your local drugstore. Comment below your favorite products. 

FTC: I received these products free from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Different Eye Looks Using Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette 

Recently, I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. This palette has so many gorgeous colors to choose from. To test each color on myself, I decided to create different combinations for each makeup look and take different pictures. 

This was the first color combination I created from the palette. I used Raw Sienna as my crease color, Primavera as my lid color and Red Ochre for my outer third. I am very comfortable with this combination, knowing this is what I wear as one of my signature eye looks. When I wore this look, one person really loved the colors and the blending of each. 

My second eyeshadow look is very youthful and perfect to wear to school. I used Raw Sienna as my crease color, Vermeer as my lid color and Antique Bronze to apply on my outer third. This eye look give more of a “I’m ready for spring” kind of feel. To make it even more youthful, I applied MAC lip color in Royal Azalea on my lips. 

My third eyeshadow look features the color Venetian Red as my lid color. I used Raw Sienna as my crease color (my favorite color from the palette) and applied Vermeer in my tear ducts to make my eyes look more softer. To keep my eye look soft, I decided not to wear winged liner; instead I applied white eye pencil to my bottom lids. 

The fourth eye look I created is another soft look perfect for everyday wear. On my lids, I have on Buon Fesco mixed with Red Ochre and Burnt Orange to make a beautiful crease color. When seeing this look in person, my lids look more like a mauve color instead of a lavender color. Overall, a gorgeous color and great combination. 


My fifth eye look includes the color Antique Bronze as my lid color. To switch the eye look up to the next level, I decided to mix both Burnt Orange and Warm Taupe for my crease colors. 

The sixth eye look includes one of my favorite colors. I have Love Letter on my lids with Warm Taupe as my crease color and Buon Fresco for the color I put in my tearducts. To have my eye look be extremely gorgeous,  I decided to place e.l.f. Liquid Liner in the color Stardust at my tearducts with Buon Fresco. 

There are endless looks you can create from this palette. Comment below your favorite eye look and other color combinations I should try from this palette. Besos 😘💗 

P.S. I have another post related to this one coming soon. Be on the lookout 👀😊

How I Wear Blush-Colored Clothing 

Blush is another trend peaking through during this season. I had a lot of fun during this photoshoot not only because I was modeling in my favorite color, but also because of the nice weather and I had time to fit these outfits in with my busy schedule lately. I will not get to that, below are pictures of spring fashion with this lovely color for spring. 

My first blush-colored item is my embroided bomber jacket. This jacket has two awesome trends tied in one that everyone is wearing. I decided to pair this with my dark blue skinny jeans, my high- top converse sneakers and my holographic Choker. The best part about this jacket too is that my niece has the exact one! She styles her differently but she is rocking for the season. 

My second blush-colored clothing includes this jacket by Hello Kitty from Macy’s. This jacket has a mature spin to it with the trademark symbol on one side so that its not to kiddish. With this jacket I paired this with my black cami, a pair of black skinny jeans and these oh-so-cute shooties I purchased from Target a couple of years ago. You can wear this outfit to work or to have a girls day out. 

This is another outfit that takes more of the professional approach than casual. I am wearing this blush-colored button down shirt that I purchased from Forever 21 with a pair of skinny trousers and a pair of nude pumps. You can wear this shirt differently so that its more casual. In other words, this shirt is versatile. 

I have yet another button down shirt that is part of my blush-colored clothing. I decided to wear this casually with a pair of skinny jeans and my sparkly flats that I just purchased.  This outfit fits with running errands on a casual Friday. 

Those are my blush-colored clothing and how I would wear each clothing item. Comment below your favorite outfit and any blush-colored items you have as part of your wardrobe. 

How I Wear Florals 

Spring has arrived and it is time to dress for the new season. Florals is one of the trends for spring. For this blog post, I decided to show you some outfits I will be rocking this spring. 

My first floral buy was this floral bomber jacket from Rainbows. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it. With this bomber, you can pair it with anything. In my case, I decided to pair it with white skinny jeans and low top converse sneakers. This is a casual outfit that I could wear to run errands or hang out with family and friends. 

This floral dress by Forever 21 was another buy. I love the tie front detailing in the front where you can be revealing but not too much. I also love the bell sleeves also; this gives off a boho and festive feel. To keep this outfit subtle, I paired this with my favorite Chelsea boots. 

My third floral Outfit is this chiffon shirt. I decided to pair this with dark blue skinny jeans, a pair of Indian flats, a sky blue crossbody and some bangles so this outfit can be casual and chic. Sometimes, I pair this outfit with a long-sleeve cardigan when there is a little chill in the air. 

My fourth ouutfur with florals include this hi-low skirt I got from Kohl’s a few years ago. I decided to keep, it simple with a white chiffon tank top and a necklace. For the shoes, I decided to wear this black blocked heel shoe with laces. Knowing that this was yet another trend, I paired this with my outfit so everything can flow. 

My final outfit with florals include this pair of skinny jeans from JCPenney. To dress this up, I paired it with my white button-down shirt and  brown blocked heels. To top it off, I decided to add a statement piece so my outfit can be fabulous. 
These are the outfits you will see me rock during the spring time. Comment below your favorite outfit and if you have any florals in your wardrobe. Besos 😘💗

P.S. Photo credit to my mom and niece. Thank you.